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Hotel NashvilleClient: Hotel Nashville

Launched: 09/25/2007

Site: www.hotelnashville.com


Hotel Nashville is a highly-successful lodging establishment in Nashville, Indiana.  The new site created by Harris/George is  specifically designed to showcase the beautiful and spacious facilities.

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A common problem plaguing businesses is the inability to keep site content current - especially when time-sensitive information is involved. Employing an in-house webmaster (who most times doesn't live up to his resume) is costly and usually excessive.  On the other hand, relying on most outside development firms for updates usually results in site content that is outdated by the time it is posted due to lead-time and scheduling.


The best solution is simple - you need the ability to make site changes whenever needed as quickly and easily as possible - with no HTML, programming, or scripting knowledge required.


Below are simplified, fully-functional samples of dynamic components Harris-George offers our customers, providing them the necessary control over their site content.  These demo applications are just a basic sampling of what we can and have incorporated into new or existing sites.  Actual live components are customized to fit your needs, password-protected to prevent unauthorized changes to your site and fit seamlessly into the design and appearance of your site.

Simple Inventory Demo
Demo Admin - Demo Display

A basic inventory system makes it possible to provide accurate and current status of your inventory - whatever that may be - to your site visitors.

Events Calendar Demo
Demo Admin - Demo Display

A basic calendar allows detailed event information to be added and updated at any time and immediately displayed to site visitors.

Online Store Demo
Demo Admin - Demo Display

Our online store components allow advanced management of virtually every aspect of your online shop and offer a simple yet powerful shopping cart for your customers.

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